Vividwireless – Convenient and Affordable Home Wifi


One of the brands I was most impressed by at the Kids Business event last year was Vividwireless for obvious reasons.

I would say that Wifi internet is one of the most important items in our home, this is even before the fridge and the oven!

My husband uses it for business, I need it for shopping online work and the kids for their IPads. God forbid if their IPads aren’t fully charged by the morning, it’s a scary thought.

So as a technically inept family that is completely driven by our wifi internet connection we need a good one.

Vividwireless – Convenient and Affordable Home Wifi

Vividwireless - Convenient and Affordable Home Wifi

With Vividwireless you don’t have to worry about phone lines and cable outlets, that’s so old school!

You can be online in minutes with a plug and play system that is so easy and simple to use. It’s perfect for families on a budget and I think that’s all of us right?

You can choose from a variety of plans from $29 a month for the light user to an unlimited plan ($89 a month) for families like ours. This is perfect for us because I am constantly downloading info for work as well as games and movies for the kids.

Vividwireless - Convenient and Affordable Home Wifi


Vividwireless uses the latest 4G LTE technology which provides up to 10 mbps download and 1 mbps upload. So it’s all about the data!

Due to my addiction to Instagram I always manage to go over my data on my phone so this is a great way of saving money.

There are also some helpful extras too:

You can check your wifi coverage at and you can self-activate your service so you don’t have to wait for a technician, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Vividwireless - Convenient and Affordable Home Wifi

Anything that makes my life easier is a no-brainer for me and if I can save some money in the process then I’m sold.

Also the modem is quite aesthetically pleasing and fits in with my office colour scheme so there’s that!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some internet shopping work to do!

For more info visit – you can check your coverage and purchase the modem* (you can also buy it in store at Harvey Norman and The Good Guys).

*Modem costs RRP $199 for month-to-month plans with no lock-in contract. 24 month internet plans with $0 upfront modem cost are also available for online and phone orders. $10 delivery fee applies to online and call centre orders.

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